Any of those who experienced the last few weeks and the searing temperatures across the world will realise that as the world’s environment changes, we will no longer be able to expect staff to travel in to an office if there is serious risk to their health at certain times of the year.

Asking staff to travel in perilous conditions is not great for staff health, and it isn’t restricted to summer. Equally there are times during winter when it is not safe to travel or during storms. Global weather predictions suggest these are going to increase in frequency.

The Times covered the economic impact of climate change in this story recently here. Stories two weeks ago were about trains not running and staff being told to stay home.

Businesses will need to start looking at ways to enable their staff to be able to work from home if they want to minimise the impact on their turnover and Profit & Loss accounts.

And the technology exists today to enable staff to remain at home and be productive. If you’d like to find out more how Edison Networks can help your business transition to a more flexible working infrastructure please contact