Supporting business on the move

The key to efficiency in any organisation is its ability to communicate – to share and update current events, latest developments, inspired opportunities, strategic amendments and technical support.

Telephone, chat, file-share, screen-share, video, conference, update, support – instantly and securely.

This is truly ‘joined up’ communication – in the office, on the road, with a customer or working from home.

Unify your team’s devices – laptops, tablets, mobiles – through a secure URL and mobile app.

The service is cost effectively scalable, supporting new project developments in days rather than weeks.

You can add a new member of staff, authorise and include them on the dashboard, pop an app. on their mobile and they quickly become an extremely effective part of an inspired, productive team.

They are connected and can confidently communicate in collaboration with other experienced members of staff.

...exchanging inspired ideas, creating solutions on the move.